Will and Jeff: Re-reloaded!
Main Characters

Full name: unknown
Jeff is a mysterious blond boy of around seventeen who mysteriously appeared in Dr. Light's lab. He apparently knows quite a bit about programming as well as extra-dimensional portals. His Pokeymen include Spooksly and Spherix. He is currently in Horon with Bass and Roll.

Full name: Rock Light, aka Megaman
Rock is one of Dr. Light's robots who was never finished. He isn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box, but he has saved the world from Dr. Wily several times. He is an expert with his blaster. He is also apparently the Twili's "Chosen One". Rock is currently lost in the world of Hyrule.

Full name: Blues Light, aka Protoman
Blues is one of Dr. Light's earliest robots. Early on, he was infected by evil programming placed in him by Dr. Wily, but it was unable to take effect. Blues is smart and suave, unlike his brother Rock. He and a mysterious imposter were accidentally sent through a portal generated by Dr. Light's Tachyon gun, and ended up in Aperture Laboratories, where they met and confronted the computer GLaDOS. Protoman was betrayed by the long haired boy, and is now headed toward Black Mesa.

Full name: Bass Wily
Bass is one of Dr. Wily's most powerful robots, designed to be a copy of Megaman. He is quite strange, and has said some quite odd things. He can combine with his support unit, Treble, to become even more powerful. His Pokeyman is Popachu. He is currently in Horon with Jeff and Roll.

Full name: Roll Light
Roll is one of Dr. Light's robots. She doesn't fight as often as Rock or Blues and is usually used for backup, but she does know how to wield a blaster. She can be kind of short tempered at times. Her Pokeymen are Mettaur and Cutrax. She is currently in Horon with Jeff and Bass.

Full name: Link
Link is a young boy who lives in Kokiri Forest. He is a great hero and swordsman, and has agreed to help Rock find his way home. Link is currently in Hyrule with Rock and Midna.

Minor Characters

Dr. Light
Full name: Doctor Thomas Light
Dr. Light is one of the foremost roboticists in his world. He used to be partners with Dr. Wily, but they broke apart when Wily tried to kill him. Dr. Light is the creator of Rock, Blues, Roll, Auto, and several support units. He also assisted in creating Sai. Dr. Light is currently in his lab.

Full name: Auto Light
Auto is a big, green robot built to help Dr. Light. He is a pacifist and is easily frightened. So far, he hasn't really done anything. Auto is currently in Dr. Light's lab.

Full name: Ganondorf Dragmire
Ganondorf was once the great king of evil in Hyrule, but was defeated by Link. He is now a disillusioned middle aged man living alone in his castle. He agreed to make a portal for Link and Rock if they could find three ancient artifacts for him. Ganondorf is currently in his castle in Hyrule.

Full name: Nosferatu Wily
Shademan is one of Dr. Wily's Robot Masters who looks like a vampire. He is very non-chalant, and is the only Robot Master who wasn't killed. It is unknown what role he will play in the story. Shademan is currently in Dr. Wily's lab.

Full name: Spooksly van Spooksterviele III
Spooksly is an odd Ghost-type Pokeyman who lives in a hole. His actual species is Nightmare, which is the evolved form of Shade. He is notable for being the only Pokeyman that can talk. Spooksly met Jeff in Horon and became attatched to him, becoming Jeff's primary Pokeyman. He is often very silly, and hardly ever takes things seriously. He is currently in Horon with Jeff.


Dr. Wily
Full name: Doctor Albert Wily
Wily is a great roboticist who once worked with Dr. Light, but tried to kill him and take over the world. Dr. Wily has been stopped by Megaman several times. Dr. Wily has built several robots, including Bass, Sai, and all of the Robot Masters. He is currently in his lab.

Full name: Sai Wily, aka Cutman
Sai was Wily's first robot, and Dr. Light helped to build him. Sai was turned evil by Wily's programming, and is now a very violent person. He fights with his blaster and with his "Cut Blades". Sai is currently in Dr. Wily's lab.

Johnny the Indestructible
Full name: unknown
Johnny is a shadowy villain who lives in Horon. He admitted to taking over Wily's Robot Masters to try and take over Monsteropolis. Jeff, Roll, and Bass have been sent out to stop him. His true face has yet to be seen.

Full name: unknown
This long haired boy fell out of the portal that absorbed Rock. He was left behind and forgotten about. He snuck into Dr. Light's lab, disguised as Protoman, to find Dr. Light's Tachyon gun. He and Protoman accedentally activated the Tachyon gun and fell into a portal to Aperture Laboratories. They allied against GLaDOS, but he betrayed Protoman and left, likely toward Black Mesa. His identity and motives are unknown.